Start-ups: The magic of new beginnings

Preeti Aneja

The writer is an experienced academician with expertise in curriculum development, soft-skills, e-learning and organisational development. In her current role as a marketing communications specialist, she crafts impactful stories about student and faculty experiences as well as business education.

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19 Responses

  1. Charu says:

    Great. What a wonderful initiative by our student. Given the covid pandemic situation this idea will keep the students remain intact with the practicalities of law.

  2. Dr Ajit Nigam says:

    Mayank is a person who leads from the front.Wishing him well as he moves ahead in his pursuit in bringing value to the student community through his startup

  3. A wonderful startup being managed and organised by my friend (Mayank) and his team a much needed startup in the field of law on seeing the difficulties in seeking internships. As acknowledged by many prominent lawyers and corporates it accalimed to be recognised at a large scale.

  4. Anuj Vishwakarma says:

    Your today’s success is the beginning of tomorrow’s achievement…
    Keep it up Sir ?

  5. Parth dhingra says:

    Great work Mr. Mayank.
    And remarkable strategy about the online examination specially in the times of COVID-19 Pandemic.

    Looking forward to a great success of GLIT and JRTC.
    All the best !

  6. Mehul Dhingra says:

    Keep it up Mayank!
    Great work?
    All the best for the remarkable success of JRTC.

  7. Anima Anand says:

    Great work Mr. Mayank !
    All the best for future !
    We hope for great success of JRTC INTERN and GLIT n

  8. Raghunandan Ahuja says:

    Good work Mr. Mayank !
    All the best for future !
    We hope for great success of JRTC INTERN and GLIT !

  9. SAMAN KHANAM says:

    Great work Mr Mayank.
    Wishing you more luck in the future !!

  10. Shreya Bhargava says:

    Great and innovative area to excel upon.

  11. Mayank says:

    Thank you so much UPES for sharing our Journey. It would not be possible without the help of our chief mentors, Dr. Vijay Kumar Singh, Dean, School of Law, Dr. Ashish Verma, HoD, School of Law & Dr. Juhi Garg, Deputy Director, Project Shakti.

    We thank all our supporters for their blessings

    Thank you

  12. Akanshi says:

    It’s an amazing work by mayank sir we are very proud and enthusiastic about it.
    We hope as well as know that JRTC intern will be a huge sucess!

  13. Dr Juhi Garg says:

    Mayank is a star. He has clarity of mind and is an extremely passionate person. He will help many young bright minds to find their path of career and would help them succeed.
    I wish him happiness, health and success today and always. God bless.

  14. Archita Satsangi says:

    A great initiative taken by you. Keep it up and all the best for future!

  15. Mohit Nagpal says:

    You have already set the bar high. This is perfection.

    Congratulations and Good work, Mayank.


  16. Paras Miglani says:

    What a wonderful initiative is taken by mayank sir. this is definitely gonna help the student during this covid-19 pandemic!

  17. Shashwat Mishra says:

    An amazing initiative and remarkable work for giving the law/legal learners a good platform. I wish you the best Mayank Sir! And also wishing for the great success of JRTC INTERN and GLIT.

  18. Shrishty says:

    Congratulations!! Mayank for your fabulous victory. You deserve it every bit. Give your best in the future and I wish you achieve every success in your life!!!!

  19. Abhishek Goel says:

    Great initiative Mayank
    All the best for future and may you excel in your endeavours??

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