The Future of Technology: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning

Hollywood movies such as Avengers, Terminator, Automata, Chapie, The Matrix, Blade Runner, Uncanny, Wall-E, and I Robot had a common element. The theme of these spectacular movies was artificial intelligence. The release of these movies showcased a world that looked right out of the imagination. Much more than what these movies have shown, artificial intelligence and machine learning are the future of technology.

Artificial intelligence is a software that learns and understands how humans think and then performs a specific task.  Whereas, machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence. In this, data analysis use algorithms that enables computers to learn and do things they are not specifically programmed to do.

Here’s why you should pursue a career in this domain:

The popularity of AI and machine learning is on the rise and heard across different domains. Indian economy is investing heavily in AI and machine learning. Many government entities and start-ups are also specialising in this latest technology. Organizations require professionals who have hands-on experience and an expertise in these growing technologies.

Scope of B.Tech with Specialization in AI and Machine Learning:

  1. Machine Learning Researchers: One of the most sought-after job options, machine learning engineers are in huge demand. They should possess essential software skills and have a hands-on knowledge of predictive models. They also use natural language processing while working on data.
  2. Data Scientist: Data scientists are responsible for collecting, analysing and interpreting data from different sources using machine learning and predictive analytics. This helps understand business closely and then build AI tools to assist in various processes. Data scientists are trained with various programming languages, such as SQL, Python, and Perl. They are also well-versed with data platforms and tools such as Hive, Hadoop and MapReduce.
  3. Research Scientist: Research scientists typically design, undertake, interpret and analyse data after trials, experiments and laboratory-based investigations. They should have a high-level understanding of machine learning, artificial intelligence, distributed computing, parallel computing, and others. 

Students who aspire to attain a professional degree in artificial intelligence and machine learning should consider universities like UPES. The university is known for its industry alliances with giants such as IBM, Oracle, Xebia, Microsoft and many more. The university also provides 50% scholarship for post-graduate programs in academic partner institutes in UK, Europe, USA and Canada. UPES students also have free access to 3600+ global courses from Coursera.

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