The true meaning of Quality Education

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15 Responses

  1. Dr Sakthi Ganesh M says:

    Great blog to go through

  2. Prem kanthiw says:

    Wonderful meaningw of quality has been explained.

  3. Aparna Singh says:

    Very well conveyed, and I totally relate, although I personally feel it’s important to be walking role models. As educationists, parents and associates it’s time we reflect how have we as a society contributed to the moral decline so painful to behold!
    Are we doing enough as elders and grown ups?

  4. Debashish Roy says:

    Really insightful with an effectively conveyed message.

    “It is said that if we knew how powerful our thoughts were, we would never have another negative thought again!”

    Loved the above line from this article.

  5. Karunakar Jha says:

    Great Article ? Jyoti Education is much more & you have correctly highlighted what we need to focus more on these days.

  6. Indeed, moral education can not be covered in a course of 30 hrs. It should demonstrated by the “actual” conduct of each and every stakeholders while they interact with each others (24×7). Very well written.

  7. One of the greatest article i came across recently. The author has truely depicted what education means. Education is not just a word but means creating and instilling core values amongst the students which unfortunately in the current fast paced world we all have forgotten. This is a wonderful topic which author chose and spoke about. Many thanks to dear Jyoti for her wonderful and insightful ideas she shared with all of us. I believe many more to come from her archery. Keep it up and keep enlightening us. Many thanks for this wonderful piece of work. Really appreciate.

  8. Nandita Mahanta says:

    Well written and insightful article.

  9. Neelu Jyothi Ahuja says:

    Very well articulated! Congratulations

  10. Bikram Barai says:

    Very thought provocative, very insightful and delightful reading through this article – totally relate to the content..

  11. MADHUKAR B S says:

    I fully agree with the observations made in your article.
    I am trying to promote the concept that Quality and Spirituality( thought process) is interlinked and be part of teaching learning process.
    Hope you may like to organise a seminar on the subject.

  12. Jyoti says:

    Thanks for your acknowledgment

  13. Ajay Bhagwat says:

    language of virtues – yes, there is an increased awareness and acceptance of necessity of moral education amongst the education thought leaders throughout the world. Dr Bansal, you have addressed a very important point here !

  14. Mohit Miyan says:

    Superb article Ma’am..insightful and delightful reading through this article.

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