Things Freshers should Keep in Mind Before Joining a University


Folks, you have officially left behind the confines of the school gates, bid goodbye to parent-teacher meetings, packed your school uniform inside and got away with those boring morning assemblies. After taking admission in your dream college and finally getting over with all the exhaustion that came with it you are ready to start an exciting phase of your life. Well! Students you are about to begin your college life. It goes without saying that you must be excited but at the same time nervous about your college life. First of all, college life will not be like those Bollywood movies. With all the twists and turns a college has to offer, freshers should keep a few things in their minds. Let’s have a look:

  1. Participating in extra-curricular activities:

Just like school, colleges also have numerous extra-curricular activities. Students should take part in these activities as they are a part and parcel of the college life. These activities include music and dance events, college fests, blood donation drives, dramatics society and much more. This will give them exposure and are fun to be a part of. Even better, volunteering in these activities will help students meet people and learn new skills.

2.Work hard:

Hard work and determination are very important in whatever you do. Though college life should be enjoyed to the fullest. Students should maintain a balance between academics and fun. They should make it a point to attend their classes and seminars, excel academically and eventually evolve. Wasting your entire college life in parties and picnics can actually have a lot of demerits. 


Students should maintain a balance between academics and fun.

3. An insight into the real world:
From a protective and sheltered school life to the chaotic, fun and adventurous college life, students will experience many situations where classmates manipulate to go ahead, exam pressure, cut-throat competition amongst classmates and many other issues. But students you need not worry as this will also be a learning experience for you.

4. Connect with Seniors:

Students might be a little shy to open up with their seniors, thanks to the ragging scandals. But as a matter of fact, your college seniors can turn out to be your best friends and an excellent mentor. This is because they have been in college for more than a year. Connecting with the seniors will be important as they know your professors, exam pattern, the practical working of things and the activities that take place in college. They will give useful insights into everything that is important in college.


Your college seniors can turn out to be your best friends and an excellent mentor.

5. Explore the city:

Just like your school days, college life will also never come back. Therefore, students should make the most of it. Most students move into a new city for their higher studies. Living away from your comfort zone can be an enthralling experience. Students can make a new place yours, by exploring it. For instance, find the closest market, some picnic spots, the closest theatre or some exotic cafes.

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