This is how I created real-life application of my engineering skills

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53 Responses

  1. imran says:

    Super dear….♥️???

  2. Brahminder Singh says:

    Excellent work done by aman sharma.

  3. Harshit Garg says:

    Well done bro…. ??

  4. suryansh says:

    Good one ☺️❤️

  5. Vanshaj says:

    Good work Aman keep it up

  6. Nikita Sharma says:

    Great work and great contribution to the nation . We need such engineers in our country for the betterment of the nation . You proved yourself to be one of them . Head on with such unique ideas . Good luck ! ?

  7. Gurcharan says:

    Very good innovation. Keep it up Aman. May u rise high in life. God bless u

  8. Dr. Vijay Parthasarthy says:

    This is amazing work. It’s a matter of pride to see our students to go ahead and apply the engineering knowledge for betterment of the society. Proud of you. Good luck.

  9. Nilanjana says:

    Very well done. Very proud.

  10. Pankaj says:

    Well done bro

  11. MANAN PATHAK says:

    Real engineer ❤

  12. Mahendra Kundara says:

    Well done.. great idea.. great work..

  13. Virender says:

    Great keep it up

  14. Renu sharma says:

    Keep it up my son. I am very proud of you? and happy too❤️ make us feel like this only. Well done!!

  15. Aman says:

    thank you bro

  16. Prema Ram says:

    It is wonderful that you applied your engineering knowledge for betterment of society in such a tough time. We need such engineers in our society. to be one of them . Feeling so proud full. All the best ?? And keep it up.

  17. Rima says:

    The world needs thinkers and doers, both! More importantly, not everyone with technical expertise thinks about helping poeple in simple ways. From small projects to great heights – wish you all the very best!

  18. Aryan Semwal says:

    True use of skills and at the right need.?

  19. Amit K.Thakur says:

    Good work by our student. Proud moment for the department and univ

  20. Ajab Biswas says:

    Great work!!!
    Really it is an amazing idea.

  21. Ajay Mittal says:

    Keep up the good work. Well Done !

  22. Dr. Kumargaurao says:

    Proud of you, Aman! It gives all of us a sense of pride and fulfillment. Keep working for the betterment of society.

  23. Pranava says:

    Congratulations Aman, something very useful innovation.

  24. Anurag Mudgal says:

    Great work ????

  25. Kavita Bhalothia says:

    Great dear!! The country needs people like you. In true sense, this is called real education!! Keep the spirit high!! God bless you! Long way to go!!

  26. Ritu Raj says:

    Very nice sir
    Really it is so smart work for nation nd also fight for this pandemic suitation
    Now I m also pursuing Mechanical engineering nd I also planning like this
    This’s also guiding me

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