Top digital marketing trends you cannot ignore in 2020


Digital Marketing is a broad term that refers to various promotional techniques positioned to reach customers through digital technologies. The field has undergone a major transformation and will never stop evolving. Digital marketing comprises several internet marketing techniques such as SEO, marketing automation, chatbots, social media, search engine marketing, PPC, etc. In today’s scenario of cut-throat competition, new technologies, techniques, and ever-changing Google and Facebook algorithms keep the digital marketers on their toes.

Here are the 6 top marketing trends to embrace in 2020 and beyond:

  • Content Marketing: Engaging, valuable and unique content is one of the pre-requisites of the digital marketing strategy. Companies resort to varied channels to boost organic results and enhance customer engagement with the help of content curation. Custom content marketing techniques will help ventures target the right audience at the right time. Apart from content marketing, the other new trend is content co-creation, where brands create content along with their consumers. This helps the brand build loyalty.
  • Visual Marketing: Visual content is appealing to the human eye and encourages greater engagement. Visual marketing is likely to reach more brands, and infographics, data visualization, as well as social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, will play a major role in content marketing strategies. Visual content can be a vital tool for marketers to drive engagement, promote campaigns and interaction as part of an integrated marketing strategy.
Digital marketing

Custom content marketing techniques will help ventures target the right audience at the right time.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the talk of the town for a reason. This new technology will have a significant impact on business organisations. AI will help in analysing the consumers’ behaviour and their search patterns. This will further help in tracking new users, sessions, and understand the customer  journey.
  • Video marketing: In today’s tech-savvy world, people are watching more and more videos to learn about the products and services, brands and what they have to offer. Video marketing is booming these days, simply because it is highly engaging and text-based content cannot compete with the power of a visual. A powerful tool for digital marketing, video marketing and even live streaming is a huge draw for an audience.  
  • Search Engine Optimisation: SEO or search engine optimization is the process of making a web page easy to find and categorise. It is a fundamental part of any digital marketing strategy SEO is primarily concerned with a holistic move towards driving customers to your business via several online platforms. It also allows a great deal of free advertising. SEO can help business ventures accomplish several goals, such as brand awareness, increased organic traffic, conversions, customer experience, and much more.
  • Customer Retention: In the coming years, companies will put in their efforts into retaining existing ones rather than acquiring new customers. This is because organisations have realised that it is less time-consuming and cost-effective to keep the existing customers satisfied and will channel more effort and resources in the middle and last stages of the buyer’s journey.

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