Unleash Infinite Opportunities with Specialized MBA Programs


MBA is one of the most comprehensive professional courses in the world. Unique MBA programs aim to prepare graduates for managerial roles and enrich their professional skills. With one of the specialized MBA programs we provide competencies relevant to a student’s career and support them in gaining a clearer understanding of the business world and its needs.

Specialized MBA programs provide an extra edge to the students that helps unleash many great opportunities. They have distinctive USPs that can kickstart a career in the right direction.  

  1. In-Depth Knowledge

Students will get in-depth knowledge about the field when they choose a specialized MBA program. Specializations help students understand the know-how of the targeted industry thoroughly. For instance, MBA in Business Analytics can provide thorough knowledge to pursue careers in Big Data. Similarly, students with a specialization in Logistics and Supply Chain Management can effectively work in retail and operations. Such specializations train students primarily to pursue specific careers.

2. Easier to Get a Job

A specialized MBA course helps students get better opportunities regarding future placements. Students with an MBA specialization also get higher salaries because they work on specific processes that general MBA students do not. The median salary is higher in the case of an MBA with a specialization.

Students are also aware of a pre-decided area where they have to apply for jobs. Instead of juggling between options and industries, all they need to do is sort out organizations, internal job roles and prepare for interviews.

UPES Mba Placements
96% Placements in MBA consistently over the last 3 years at UPES

MBA Courses Survey

Source: GradLeaders Survey

3. More Focused Approach

Specialized MBA programs in India allow students to focus on one industry truly. It also helps in aligning a more linear approach towards studies, and there is a more focused long-term career path. When students are aware of the USPs of a specialized program, they are motivated to do better.

We at UPES offer various MBA specializations such as Oil and Gas Management, Business Analytics, Energy Trading, International Management and more. All MBA specializations are designed in the way that they impart both general management skills and specialized skills.

For long, higher education was traditional and highly resistant to change. However, the tectonic shift in business practices coupled with globalization and the introduction of many processes have led to the birth of many specialized MBA courses.

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