UPES faculty member develops mobile robot with combat support applications

Pradeep Jagwan

The writer is a former academician, with over a decade of experience in language and communication. He is currently working as a marketing communication specialist and has a keen eye for student success stories, academic alliances, innovation and entrepreneurship.

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6 Responses

  1. Jyoti Bansal says:

    Fabulous Abhishek. You deserve many more accolades. Congratulations ?

  2. Aayush shrivastava says:

    Super work Abhishek Ji

  3. Amit Sharma says:

    Well done Dr Abhishek. Your dedication towards science make all of us feel Proud. Keep the flag high in future also.

  4. Nikhil Raj says:

    Congratulations !!

  5. Great job sir! Get a patent first !

    Being an alumni of UPES, we would love to help you to get one!

    Visit:- http://www.zestip.com

  6. Priya says:


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