UPES organizes online workshop for industry professionals as part of its ‘WeCare’ initiative

The Department of Petroleum Engineering and Earth Sciences, UPES, organized an online workshop for industry professionals from Essar Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Limited. The one and a half day (duration 10hrs) workshop themed as ‘Shale Gas Exploration Techniques’ was focussed on sedimentology, geochemistry, geophysical and reservoir data interpretation of shale gas reservoirs and exploration techniques

The UPES ‘WeCare’ initiative aims at providing support to the industries based on the research and development work of the academicians. Under the aegis of ‘WeCare’, the School of Engineering and the Department of Petroleum Engineering and Earth Sciences organised a 10-hours workshop on Shale Gas Exploration Techniques, spanned over a day and a half. The said workshop was conducted online on April 25-26, 2020, amidst the global lockdown.

Dr. Annapurna Boruah, Assistant Professor at University of Petroleum Engineering and Earth Sciences and Dr. Sumit Verma, Assistant Professor of Geophysics at the University of Texas PB were the key speakers. Dr.Boruah said, “The workshop was aimed at bringing together diverse experts from industry and academia, working on both conventional and unconventional practices to improve the present-day knowledge in geosciences and petroleum engineering, especially in shale gas exploration. This course was designed for industry professionals of ESSAR Oil.”

She further explained the broad areas, which were covered during the workshop that included  Integrated Shale Reservoir Characterization, from Outcrop to Subsurface, Rock Physics and Seismic Reservoir Characterization along with several other key areas. “It was”, Dr. Boruah informed, “a collaborative effort of UPES along with Essar Oil and Gas and UT Permian Basin to stay relevant at the times of crisis such as the one we are facing right now.”

The workshop was attended by the senior leadership at Essar Oil and Gas on both days. The outcome envisioned were to provide industry professionals with a detailed understanding of the predictive attributes of unconventional shale gas exploration worldwide. Krishnendu Chatterji, Joint General Manager, EOGEPL, one of the attendees of the workshop, said, “Particularly in these trying times, the workshop was quite refreshing for the EOGEPL team.” 

Santwana Swain, Senior Manager, Subsurface, another attendee of the workshop complimented the organising team on the relevance of the topics covered. She said, “The topics were very well explained, and the sessions were overall excellent.” Over 14 attendees from Essar Oil and Gas attended the workshop.

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