UPES researchers develop COVID Ventilator Prototype System with Nenotech Pvt. Ltd.

Pradeep Jagwan

The writer is a former academician, with over a decade of experience in language and communication. He is currently working as a marketing communication specialist and has a keen eye for student success stories, academic alliances, innovation and entrepreneurship.

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4 Responses

  1. Dr. Abhinav Pandey says:

    This is an excellent Innovation. These researchers must have worked really hard to come up with a product like this. Hats off to your tireless spirit!

  2. Kirti Yadav says:

    Wow! A full scale ventilator by an academic institution. This is unbelievable. Must say, UPES has amazing gems to its credit.

  3. This is incredible, Dr. Karn! How come you develop it in this current lockdown situation? This is phenomenal. Well done, UPES.

  4. Diwakar Gupta says:

    I would be keen to see this amazing innovation put out there for a practical use. We need such innovators desperately. Love and Respect.

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