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The webinar conducted by the School of Law, UPES, commenced with an introduction by Prof. (Dr.) Vijay Kumar Singh, Dean, School of Law, UPES, where he introduced himself as well as his colleagues Ms. Poonam Verma, Partner, Jyoti Sagar Associates, and Ms. Tatiana Rizopoulou, Director, International Partnerships, University College of Law, London. The webinar was conducted for the students who aspire to join the legal field in the coming months, giving them an insight into the UPES School of Law. Prospective students and their parents, who attended the webinar, posed several questions to the panelists. Some excerpts…

Q1. What qualities should the students possess if they want to become successful lawyers?

Ms. Tatiana Rizopoulou: One of the major attributes for a lawyer to possess is analytical thinking and the ability to understand and digest great volumes of information. They should be realistic and know how to manage their time as they have to keep to the deadlines when submitting assignments. These qualities would help the students in their studies and also in their professional lives. Communication skills are also a very important skill set for students.

Q2. What are the things one must consider before taking admission in a law school?

Ms. Poonam Verma: There are many aspects to be looked into which include teacher-student ratio, student diversity, infrastructure, culture on campus, cost of the program, programs offered, and UPES School of Law is a perfect choice on all these fronts.

Prof. (Dr.) V.K. Singh: UPES is offering 25% scholarship on tuition fee for all girl students who are taking admission in any undergraduate and postgraduate for the academic year of 2020. Besides, there is Uconnect, a unique initiative that offers up to 5 years of career mentoring and placement support, among other benefits to our alumni.

Q3. What are the future approaches in the legal field that we can look forward to?

Ms. Poonam Verma: Aside from the regular opportunities in the legal field such as those of being a litigator, preparing for judicial services, working in law firms and corporate sector, the new and upcoming sectors in the legal field are energy, water, and gas, on which UPES provides specialized courses. 

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