UPES Shakti footprints at Google, California

UPES alumna Prakshi Rastogi, who did her post-graduation from Georgia Tech University, is working as a Silicon Engineer at Google in Mountain View, California

A childlike quality still pops up in Prakshi when she talks about her college life at UPES five years back. Prakshi Rastogi is an alumna of UPES, Class of 2011-2015, B.Tech. Electronics Engineering. Presently, she works as a Silicon Engineer at Google in Mountain View, California.

When asked about the practical aspects of living in a faraway country, Prakshi talks about the difficulties she faced. “I knew living alone in a faraway country would be difficult but that was the price to be paid to achieve my dreams.”

Prakshi attributes her relentless spirit to her mother. She says, “My inspiration of dreaming big and achieving it has always been my mother, who pushed me to aim high and never give up on my dreams. In the world that we live in, it is rare to have parents who are supportive of all your dreams and I am lucky enough to have them. They have always taught me that sky is the limit.”

Studying circuits was an interest for her ever since she was a little girl. Prakshi admits that all her childhood, she was intrigued by circuit design and its intricacies of how millions of transistors were integrated into one small chip. “The interest,” she adds, “widened when I pursued Very Large-Scale Integration (VLSI) courses at UPES. I would spend hours reading about VLSI and searching colleges that specialize in it. As a result of that, I came across a few colleges in the United States that offered specialization in VLSI.”

She knew she had to pursue her Masters in the field of VLSI. But pursuing masters from a foreign university has its own difficulties, Prakshi admits. “My target was difficult,” she informs, “as these were the top tier colleges and needed a good GRE score. With motivation from my professors and parents, I prepared for GRE and successfully got into Georgia Tech, which was my dream college. My parents and professors were elated about it.”

Prakshi vividly recalls her experience during her college days at UPES. She says, “When I look back at the four years I spent at UPES, there is nothing I want to change about it. The whole experience gave me a solid career foundation for where I am today in my life. A big thanks to the amazing faculty members at UPES who shaped my career in the best possible way. Furthermore, the summer internship program gave me the industry exposure I needed at that time.”

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