Tech company confers Best Intern Award on UPES student

Anuj Litoria won the ‘Performance Par Excellence’ award as an intern at BugendaiTech, a Pune-based company, for his contribution in Data Science projects

Pre-final year student, Anuj Litoriya, pursuing B.Tech. Computer Science at UPES with specialisation in IT Infrastructure has bagged the ‘Performance par Excellence’ award as an intern at Pune-based BugendaiTech company for his excellent contribution in Data Science projects from April to June via work-from-home mode.

His mentor, Mr. Ankit Vishnoi, faculty at the UPES School of Computer Science, said, “Anuj worked on multiple Data Science projects. One of the most crucial ones was controlled text generation using Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning. He implemented multiple algorithms such as Naive Bayes, Random Forest, Logistic Regression, SVM and Adaptive Boosting, with more than 91% accuracy. Despite working from home for the internship, he gave a 100% to his work and was appreciated and awarded for the same.”

Talking about his experience, Anuj remarked, “As I had an interest in Machine Learning, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI), and work experience on a Machine Learning project, I was actively seeking an internship in the field of Data Science. An opportunity dawned when my placement coordinator, Mr. Ankit Vishnoi, asked me for my resume and offered to apply in the company named BugendaiTech for the position of React Native and Data Science. I was selected for the React Native Developer profile, and later I was informed that I would be working on both profile projects. I, at once, said yes to the learning opportunity.”

He further added that from the first day itself, he had decided to follow every norm, attend every meeting and perform every single task, and give his best in both the profiles during the learning session. “After seeing my work,” Anuj said, “the mentors decided that I will be good for the Data Science profile. I also got the opportunity to work on a real-time project in Data Science. I worked for more than 12 hours a day on my skills as well as the project. My mentor trusted my skills and gave me another real-time project, and this time it involved clients as well. I gave it my best.”

Anuj explained that learning HTML and CSS was the beginning of his interest in programming. He said, “During my second semester, I started learning about web development, and I topped in the third semester. This got me my first internship in web development. Further, I took up Java and began developing a deep interest in coding. The study continued with android development. I soon completed certification in Java for Android, which landed me a second internship with an independent project in android development.”

His advice to his batch mates planning to work on real-time projects is to develop real logic, which requires logic building and algorithm skills and develop a genuine interest in programming.

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