UPES student develops Face Mask Detection System using Machine Learning

Pradeep Jagwan

The writer is a former academician, with over a decade of experience in language and communication. He is currently working as a marketing communication specialist and has a keen eye for student success stories, academic alliances, innovation and entrepreneurship.

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65 Responses

  1. Ankita Vatsa says:

    He is just incredible in everything whether it is studies or friendship. Proud of you Abhinav.

  2. Pooja says:

    So proud of you Abhinav?

  3. Sweta says:

    This is just the beginning of your achievements.There is more to be achieved next..So proud of you ❤️

  4. Natraj Mishra says:

    Well done Abhinav

  5. Congratulations ? Abhinav mudgal wishing you all the best for your future.

  6. Neelam Mishra says:

    Great work

  7. R. K. Mishra says:

    Great blog, all the best

  8. Narayan Khatri says:

    Another Great work Abhinav…. , hope your work will help community in large for present COVID19 situation to remain safe and healthy,

    Keep it up, all the best..

  9. Jitender Pandey says:

    Great job superb ?

  10. Rozy says:

    Great work! ?

  11. Dr. Ankur Kumar Rastogi says:

    Well done Dear Abhinav… Congratulations to you and your professors. Keep it up.

  12. Naveen Kataria says:

    Great innovation and grt use of Machine Learning
    Hope this would suffice the purpose.
    we are facing face recognition problem after wearing mask.Govt should use such technology for better recognition of face.
    Kudos to inventors ?

  13. Naveen Kataria says:

    Great inovation and kudos to inventors.
    This would help govt system and enforcement of mandatory mask wear to public in public place.

  14. Riddhi says:

    Nice work!! Need of the hour

  15. Sushma sharma says:

    So proud of you Abhinav beta god bless you

  16. Alok singh says:

    Bhai tm to chaa gye!gud luck

  17. Bagisha says:

    Keep Enhancing ur performance . #Good_luck

  18. R. K. Mishra says:

    Great work

  19. Aditi says:

    So well yr

  20. Kajal says:

    Gud job abhinav….

  21. Naveen Kataria says:

    Great innovation and will help the system to take action effectively by using this method.

  22. amisha says:


  23. SO Singh says:

    Good effort in the direction of real issues facing pur society.

  24. Saurabh Misra says:

    This is awesome! Could you provide some details about the model and the training data used?

  25. Jyotsna Yadav says:

    Many many Congratulations…
    Keep it up ?

  26. Rajat Tyagi says:

    That’s really incredible. A great achievement by an Indian talent. Keep it up bro. All the best.

  27. Krishna says:

    Very impressive, good work. Keep it up?

  28. Pragya says:

    This is really worth appreciating. Keep up the good work.

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