Why You Should be a Part of an Alumni Association. Find Out.

You’ll always remember your first day in college. You were probably sitting alone, anxious about the new beginning, and excited about the future. You opened up to new experiences, created memories, and in the four years that you spent, made college a part of you. And when you graduated, you wondered how your relationship with your alma mater would change. Well, that’s where alumni associations come into the picture.

Alumni associations act as a bridge between alumni and their alma mater. All over the world, such associations are popular, and students and alumni alike take a keen interest in being a part of them. Here are the key reasons why you also should be a part of an alumni association.

Developing new connections: Alumni associations are a great place to network and make new connections. The associations are an active directory to search for anyone who could potentially be of assistance. They also organize events to bring together members and build long-term relationships with older and newer people alike.

Finding new opportunities: Apart from helping you to build a network of like-minded professionals, alumni associations also help you in finding new career prospects. You can approach members from the same industry you’re planning to join or currently work regarding career consultation. A reference from an existing employee of a firm is always a plus. Likewise, members from other sectors can also help. 

Availing financial benefits: Alumni associations also offer economic benefits to their members. Be it for an additional course or a business venture; most alumni associations provide support through subsidized rates. To facilitate further education and upskilling, associations partner with other universities and third-party vendors and provide scholarships.

Giving back to your alma mater: Being a part of your alumni association is the best way to give back to your alma mater. There could be students who are in the same situation as you were and in need of a mentor. More than financial support, you can give your valuable time and make a difference.

The bonds that we make during our college days are special. The community we build remains with us throughout and impacts our lives in more ways than we can imagine. To create meaningful connections, UPES has launched UConnect, a unique initiative with exclusive offerings for our alumni.  To learn about the various offerings of UPES UConnect visit the link https://alumni.upes.ac.in/

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