Welcoming the Resilient Class of 2020

We have named our batch of 2020 as the Resilient Class of 2020 – the class that has waded its way through challenges and is now ready to roar and win the world!

COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a standstill. Industries have been hit hard, sectors have been crippling, and businesses have taken a blow. Amidst such a crisis, the education sector has also been adversely affected. Universities are scrambling ways to restart their academic calendars, examinations have been postponed, admission criteria have been changed, and students are left baffled about their future.

We, at UPES, believe that every adversity brings with it an opportunity to do something extraordinary. Our resilience paves the way when all roads seem blocked, and our will drives us through the obstacles. Hence, we have named our batch of 2020 as the Resilient Class of 2020 – the class that has waded its way through challenges and is now ready to roar and win the world! And we are ready to embark with them on their unique and empowered academic journey.

First, we can’t wait to welcome you back to the ever-so-beautiful campus. Hence, we have started prepping for it now! We’ve established the highest standards of health and hygiene in our campus. Every corner is periodically cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized. All classrooms and common areas like library, food-courts, and hostel messes have been carefully adjusted for adequate spacing. Offices, classrooms, MAC, hostels, labs, ESS, panels, pumps, computers, laptops, and other IT equipment have been thoroughly sanitized. Special attention has been given to restrooms, pantries, kitchens, and infirmary, which are periodical cleaned, swabbed, disinfected, and kept dry. All indoor spaces are adequately ventilated to ensure the circulation of fresh air, and all outdoor spaces, main gates, and boundary walls are being regularly fogged.

We have made sure that your #LearningNeverStops through our meticulously designed Immersive Academic Learning Framework. The framework comprises three phases: Induction, Pre-Semester learning, and Semester Commencement. Each module has been carefully designed and developed to offer you a comprehensive tour of your journey at UPES along with initiating your education.

First comes Induction wherein we’ll introduce you to your virtual classrooms, explore the extensive e-library, discover the gamut of student clubs, skim through over 3900 global courses on Coursera, and learn more about the UPESCare counseling service. Don’t worry, we’ll also take you on a virtual 360-degree tour of the pristine campus!

Next comes Pre-Semester Learning, under which we will introduce you to our teaching pedagogy and start prepping you for the semester through interactive, engaging, and fun learning modules. We’ll commence with your Pre-Semester learning from August 03, 2020. CEO Talks where leaders would be sharing wisdom nuggets from their experience, inspiring Masterclasses by the masters themselves imparting invaluable skills, immersive Workshops on the most in-demand topics with the most advanced tools, and exploratory projects on topics that are relevant to the industry and our world at large, are just a few of the cool stuff lined up for you. The School of Business and the School of Design would be first in the calendar with the other schools following suit.

We have also launched the MyUPES portal, which is a one-stop hub for all things UPES and doubles up as a tool to conduct your immersive academic learning. The Dashboard section in the portal fills you with all the essential information you need while MyPortal gives customized information just for you. Your mark sheets, grades, fees, and all your personal and educational info are stored here. We have a plethora of clubs and societies, and we’re sure you will find one that suits your hobbies and passion. Check them out under the My Clubs section.

Life is full of surprises, and there are no two ways about it. Some may be pleasant, while a few may not be to our liking. But, in adversities lies opportunities. The opportunity to overcome a challenge no one has ever done before. You, the Resilient Class of 2020, have already beaten and are beating the crisis. Not everybody has the ineffable quality to weather the storm and get back up stronger. You do. All great men once stood right where you are, did right what you are doing, and then went on to make history, just like one day you will. And we’ll cheer for you, for you’ll always be the batch of resilient heroes – the Resilient Class of 2020!


  1. Sir/Madam,

    During e-orientation it was announced that online classes will start form October. So exactly what is the schedule of academic session?

  2. Hi… I have been selected in ba in digital and mass media..
    Already paid the 50000 rs as a part of 1st semester fees…
    Can u plz tell me that when will the classes start for the mass com students.

  3. Respected sir,
    I have not received any invitation for My portal app. As above it seems to be launched.

  4. Hey my very own sister graduated from the same university. And i also qualified for cse department too but when i asked for a little bit of time, the counselor straight away told me that’s not possible. As in other universities i see siblings are atleast given some preferences and i was all asking about is time. Not expected this from UPES

  5. Hi I also qualified for CSE department and I already paid 50000 as a part of 1st semester.can u please tell me when will the classes start for CSE branch.

  6. Hi I also qualified for CSE department and I already paid 50000 rs as a part of 1st semester.Can u please tell me when will the classes start for CSE branch.

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