What a ‘Great Place to Work’ means for our students

At UPES, it is our mission to ensure that women are equally represented in every boardroom, and the glass ceiling is a thing of the past

Recently, we got the happy news that UPES has been certified as a Great Place to Work. This is more than a victory for an organisation. This is a victory not just for the extremely qualified people who work at UPES but also its students. When our staff is endowed with the best resources, training, and facilities to focus their goals on the singular objective of providing world-class education, it helps to elevate our standards of training to the levels that we see.

At UPES, it has been our constant endeavour to hire the best possible people to guide our students who have placed their faith in us. It is only because of our staff that we have been able to bring to life, the vision of our leaders to put ‘People First’. Every member of the UPES family who gives their best every day in service of our mission to provide high quality education, create well-rounded professionals, and every student who comes in to class every day, upskills themselves on Coursera, and participates in campus life shares in this achievement.

Our CEO Sharad Mehra has been at the forefront of leading the ‘People First’ philosophy. There has been a concerted effort among leadership to incorporate global best practices, centred on the five pillars of respect, trust, inclusiveness, innovation, and passion. These values are at the core of our values at UPES and form the cornerstone of our policies.

These values aren’t just limited to our staff. They’re percolate into every layer, coalescing to power our education program. Our emphasis on innovation, following our passions, our promotion of individual drive of students, and our focus on entrepreneurship are all a part of these universal values. Our belief in inclusiveness is the sentiment that powers our programme Shakti, that provides or 25% scholarship for all girls on tuition fees for the entire course duration.

At UPES, it is our mission to ensure that women are equally represented in every boardroom, and the glass ceiling is a thing of the past. In that regard, we have instituted leadership development modules into coursework that will unleash and activate the strength of our women students to make their mark upon corporates, research institutes, arts, media, and entrepreneurship.

We want to ensure that all of our staff have a cutting-edge knowledge of their respective industries. In pursuit of that end, we place a high premium on employee upskilling and ensuring that our staff have the tools they need to do great work. In the spirit of our core value of innovation, our ‘Project Abhigyat’, a unique Employee internship project wherein faculty and staff ‘intern’ at industries continues to bridge the academia-industry gap. In addition to providing much needed perspective on industries, it also serves to bring industry best practices to our professional and academic ethos.

In addition to this, we’ve also recently announced Kadam, a part of our continuing collaboration with Coursera that students must be familiar with, wherein staff will have the option to upskill themselves with over 3000 free courses on Coursera, thereby staying up-to-date on the latest development in their fields. It is this emphasis on constant learning that strengthens the values teachers are able to pass on to students. Needless to say, our students who go on to achieve big things, get great placements, or shine at international-level conferences often dedicate their success to the mentorship they receive from their teachers.

UPES is a great place to work because the people who work here make it so. It is a sense of purpose and mission that guides us to work every day. It is a wholehearted implementation of those values in our university that makes it a great place to study. We’d like to thank Sharad Mehra, our CEO, our entire leadership and faculty for pioneering the ethos that all of us love, and thank you, students, for your enduring faith in us.

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