What are the Skills Needed to Become a Cybersecurity Specialist?

Cybersecurity specialists play a pivotal role in securing information systems and protecting the integrity of any organization’s network and data. The primary role of cybersecurity specialists is to detect, investigate, critically analyse security events. This will help them protect the systems from cybersecurity risks, further threats, and vulnerabilities. Traditionally, information technology had not many roles to play and supplemented the core business. But nowadays, the success of a business relies majorly on capability of its network. As a result, a cybersecurity specialist is a must-have in any company.

In today’s evolving world, it is essential for a cybersecurity expert to know about the latest trends from the world of cyberthreats. Just like a lawyer requires good communication skills, a fashion designer should have a flair in drawing, in a similar manner a cybersecurity specialist should also possess the following skills:

1. Knowledge about the programming languages: A basic understanding of programming languages, administration, system architecture, virtualization software, networking and system architecture is important for any cybersecurity specialist. This will help them know the possibility of attacks on the system and take adequate measures to prevent it. So, a grasp of languages such as C, C++, PHP, Perl, Java, and Shell will help them understand the system better.

2. Identifying risks: Identifying the risks, tracking the risks and discovering new risks is a healthy practice. This requires foresight and attention as one needs to foresee the kind of threats and effectively solutions to the problem.

3. Soft skills: Some soft skills that a cybersecurity specialist should possess are strong communication skills, a curious, foresightedness, analytical mind and the ability to solve complex technical problems.

Nowadays many universities offer specialization in cybersecurity. UPES is one such university that offers this specialization. Apart from that, UPES also gives its students an opportunity to study overseas for 4 weeks in its partner institutions. These partner institutions include many prestigious colleges like London College of Creative Media, London School of Business and Finance, Berlin School of Business and Innovation, Concordia University Chicago, Webster University, University of Applied Sciences Europe, IBAT College Dublin, The University of Law, and many others.

The above-mentioned traits and other mandatory skills are required to be an expert in cybersecurity. This will in turn result in more job opportunities and make for a more lucrative career for you.

UPES graduate students will also get 50% waiver on PG programs tuition fees in over 22 partner universities in London, Berlin, Canada (Vancouver or Toronto) Singapore and Dublin.

UPES is a platform that breaks all the boundaries and offers global opportunities!

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