What I learned and earned as an exchange student at UPES

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  1. Raghav Pagare says:

    As we know, Indians are amiable in nature and are known for hospitality. A true example is UPES family, where students from abroad are taken care well, in terms of academics as well as other areas too. Seniors like Jyoti Nathani and Kartik Khanna have always been a great support to domestic as well as international students. Hope you had a great journey at UPES.
    Best Wishes?

    • Nolan Burke says:

      Yes the journey was indeed wonderful. I am thrilled I was offered such a generous experience and hope to return to India in the future.

  2. Treesha Banerjee says:

    Hi Nolan !!
    I’m glad you felt warm and comfortable here.. hope the learning and the experiences were worth a lifetime!!
    We would welcome you with love every time you decide to visit India.. It was great to learn from and have you here at UPES.

    • Nolan Burke says:

      Yes the experience was worth a lifetime! India is a marvelous and incredible country. I will miss my friends there and hope to also host Indians here in the U.S.A. in the future.

  3. Prachi says:

    Hi Nolan ,
    It was great to have to around in the campus. And I’m so glad that you had the time of your life here and I’m sure you’d Cherish it all your life. I remember my seniors Kartik and Jyoti introducing me to you and how everything I saw in the mess or in corridors we’d great each other and your brightest smile always added happiness to my days and after you left I sort of missed you at the campus. And you are always welcome with love. Hope to see you in near future and it was great to have you here at UPES. All the best.

    • Nolan Burke says:

      It was so wonderful to meet you, I had so much fun with you interacting on Logistikas. I still wear my sweater that your team made! I miss seeing you’re face around campus and I hope to see you again in the future. I am certain you will have a lucrative and productive career.
      Best Regards,

  4. Wow …so nicely written. She has enjoyed a lot in India along with her academic activity at UPES School of business. Nice to know about this. This is really appreciated.

    • Nolan Burke says:

      UPES deserves worldwide recognition for their prestigious programs and I hope they continue to provide such great education to students like me.

  5. Hi Nolon! I am so glad to connect you through this blog, I tried connecting you through what’s app, but seems you lost your phone. It was good to interact with you regarding PLM course, and good to know that you passed with Extra Ordinary O grade.
    You have been very punctual and sincere. Kartik, Jyoti, Biswajit often miss you during conversations with me. Hope you stay connected with me, other faculty colleagues and your batchmates. Wish you a great future ahead.

    • Nolan Burke says:

      Hi D.N.A!!

      Good to hear from you Sir. I miss the other students too and I look forward to what their futures will bring. Thank you for the sweets, laughter and knowledge. I will take my PLM concepts with me into my career.


  6. VIKAS KUMAR says:

    Noce to read yoir views through this blog.
    Thums to u for utilizing this opportunity to experience this great nation India along with excelling in your studies.

    • Nolan Burke says:

      Hello Dr. Kumar,

      I enjoyed the experience and am glad I was able to learn from you. Best of luck in the future and I hope you are able to other students the things you taught me.


  7. Promod painuly says:

    Hi Nolan
    A very nice and touching post about your wonderful experience both in Campus and off. You made friends and cherished all the activities. Thanks for being a sport in the student council at SOB.
    All the best

    • Nolan Burke says:

      I enjoyed very much the opportunities, activities, and friendships at UPES. I will encourage others to participate as well and thank you for the invitation to be apart of such important social building organizations.


  8. Jyoti nathani says:

    Thank You Nolan Burke for mentioning us. It was indeed a pleasure to have you here.

    Having you as a part of our classes, proved to be beneficial for us as well in terms of understanding an entirely different culture, new perspectives and thoughts. Despite multiple set back, you never gave up on your mission of exploring the country and excelling in academics.

    I would encourage more students to opt for student exchange programs and explore its benefits.

    • Nolan Burke says:


      Hello my darling. You are an incredible shining light as I was drawn to you from the moment we met. Your brilliance will take you far in life and I am honored I got the opportunity to study beside you. I am also grateful that you taught me how to put together an outstanding PPT in less than 24hours! I had to do it once I was in the USA again and thought of you often.

      Take care and talk to you soon,

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