Why you should study IP and Cyber Law after Computer Science

There is a growing demand for dedicated engineering professionals who are well-versed with the legal framework and contractual requirements

If you’re thinking of doing a Master’s after B.Tech, you will possibly be surrounded by well-wishers suggesting an MS, M.Tech. or even an MBA. What is, however, lesser known is an LLB, after a B.Tech. There is a massive job market that hasn’t been tapped to its potential. It is a market that will require tens of thousands of skilled professionals in the coming decade.

A key challenge for students who wish to establish themselves in any field is to find a niche. This task becomes a lot easier if students can get the first-mover advantage in the field. One such field that students can explore is Cyber Crime and IPR law. These jobs require technical skills as well as a robust understanding of tech laws.

As the tech footprint of average India grows, it has had some unintended consequences. In the 21st century, when the boundaries between virtual and real are increasingly getting blurred, the implications of our cyber footprint and the rights of netizens continue to be debated. Data says that 650 million Indians will be connected to the internet by 2023. Between 2018 and 2019, there was a 63.5% year-on-year growth in the number of cybercrimes registered, according to the National Crime Records Bureau.

Many Indians who are new to the internet often aren’t informed about the need for personal protection and cybersecurity, and hence fall victims to cybercrime, identity theft, etc. Additionally, there is a boom in terms of scientific research, creative and intellectual output. That also creates a robust market for professionals trained in Patent Laws, Intellectual Property Rights and more.

That’s why UPES has developed the B.Tech (CSE). + LLB program at the School of Law with a specialization in IPR and Cyber Crime. Here are some of the many career options open to students with this specialization:

Cyber Law Consultant: Many organisations are looking for Cyber Law consultants to define their legal parameters with respect to things like copyright law, libel, and more such topics.

Patent and Trademark attorney jobs: As the number of patents being filed in India increases, a patent lawyer will find the field fertile for growth.

IP solicitor and consultant: For both compliance, management of proprietary technology, and legal advice, this role is essential for many startups who are anxious to protect their IP.

In-house counsel for MNCs, Government firms, Law Firms: You can find your place in the many in-house legal teams at some of the best law firms, government regulators and corporates of the nation.

Lecturer/ Teacher of Cyber Law and IPR: There is a huge demand in educational institutions for experts of cyber law who can impart this knowledge to the students, the digital natives who speak the language of computers, video games and the internet.

Cyber Law writer and influencer: Many people in India who are coming on the internet for the first time need education about cybersecurity, law, and IPR. You can establish yourself as a thought leader and influencer about cyber law and IPR.

This list is in no way representative of all the career options that are open to students of B.Tech+LLB; it  is just an indicative list. Make yourself available to a wide pool of skilled jobs that are forming the base of support for India’s netizens. For the B.Tech + LLB program at UPES, that offers a specialization of IPR and Cyber Law, the faculty uses cutting-edge pedagogy to teach students how to make the most out of this nascent, yet promising industry. Practical approaches, real-world applications, and immersive learning techniques are used to ensure that students not only become subject matter experts, but also industry experts. For more information about the program, visit https://www.upes.ac.in/course/b-tech-ll-b-hons-computer-science-engineering-with-specialization-in-cyber-law-ipr-law


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