Women deserve every chance to be emancipated

As a businesswoman, I realise that it’s important to help other women enhance their skills and be financially independent

I graduated in BBA Aviation Operation programme (2013-2016) from UPES. During this course, introduction to concepts such as management and leadership, business communication, corporate social responsibility, financial management, organisational behaviour and many more helped in my understanding of managing a business with a handful of employees. These courses also enhanced my skills of communicating, decision making and team management.

I firmly believe that theoretical knowledge is incomplete until there is a real-life application. The subjects which we were taught in the programme helped me to apply all those learnings in my life, personally as well as professionally. There were several workshops and projects, such as dissertation and community service, that taught me valuable lessons in team management and collaboration.

The faculty, seniors and career services team at UPES were extremely supportive at every step of my life. I was given a chance to be on the Ignite team as Head of Event Management Department. I was also the class representative so there were many responsibilities entrusted with by our class coordinator Mr. Shubendu Vimal.

The internship was in the summer of 2015 and mine was at RHIAL, i.e. Hyderabad International Airport, on a 12-hour shift. It was my first exposure of the aviation industry where I mastered several skills such as self-control, multitasking and people management.

The education system at UPES works like a well-oiled machine. It helped me in getting admission in one of the renowned universities in London for my Masters, post which I interned in Singapore for one year. This global exposure gave me a whole new perspective of the world around me.

Today, as Director of Rcube Healthcare Industries Pvt. Ltd., all my core competencies are put to test. Quick decision-making, proper communication and financial planning are important for the business that I run.

Being a woman business leader is still a challenge in this country as the patriarchal mindset still prevents men from taking orders from a female boss. In order to change this primitive gender stereotypes, my NGO, Rcube Foundation, is helping women to enhance their skills and be financially independent.

Workplaces should be gender neutral and both women and men should be assessed on merit and the hard work that they put in.

Women can do wonders in any field if they are given the freedom to decide their career paths. My office has more women than men and most of them undertake extensive travel and field inspection duties. Women deserve every single chance to be empowered, educated and be in control of their own destiny.

(The writer is a UPES alumni and Director, Rcube Healthcare Industries Pvt. Ltd.)


      1. Great m proud or u my cutie really u will b inspire so many women’s my best wish wid u n keep it up girl

  1. Dear Rashika – so happy to see that you have launched a successful venture of your own. Also it is heartening to observe your acknowledgement of UPES’s contribution for your sucess.

    I am sure you will achieve much bigger goals in life.

    Wishing you all the best for your future.

    1. Thank you so much Sir
      It means a lot from you Sir
      You and other faculties of UPES have supported me a lot in every situation and have given me many opportunities to enhance my skill.
      Thank you so much for your wishes

  2. Heartly Congratulations ma’am .May you creat and explore new dimensions for so called Half World and I pray to God to hold your hand on all your way of success …❤ 💐💐💐

  3. Women should be empowered because they are more hardworking and dedicated towards their job

  4. It is never easy running a business and you Rashika mam as a female entrepreneur, turns the visulatization is the backbone of our operations execution. Thanku for your enlightenment.

  5. Women’s should be empowered and should be motivated at each and every step as they are the foundation of a building . They should be given freedom for everything , they should be treated equally .

  6. Well written 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻Gender equality is, first and foremost, a human right. A woman is entitled to live in dignity and in freedom from want and from fear. Empowering women is also an indispensable tool for advancing development and reducing poverty. Empowered women contribute to the health and productivity of whole families and communities and to improved prospects for the next generation.

  7. Thank you so much for this appreciation but truly what I am today and where I stand in my life is all because of what UPES and the faculties have taught me and made me a self confident person.

  8. Congrats dear Rashika, we at School of Business are proud of you for doing so well and enabling others around you to do better.

    1. Thank you so much ma’am it would have not been possible without your efforts also because of you my story is on UPES.
      Thank you Ma’am

  9. Congratulations 2 all…. n family nd Rashika beta
    यूंही खूब तरक्की करो और जीवन मे आगे बढ़ो आप बिटिया हमारी!!

  10. Empowering women is the need of the hour.Many congratulations dear Rashika so proud of you my girl Keep shining and keep fetching accolades for your good work. Our sincere wishes with you always. God bless….

  11. Congratulations Di.I feel so blessed to have a idol person like you in my life. You have really given a raise to Women empowerment in the counrty and truly inspired many hearts…wish you lots of sucess in life.

  12. Congratulations!! The young and energetic entrepreneurs like you could be an inspiration to many young girls who aspire to be financially independent. Keep growing, keep inspiring. All the best!!

  13. All the best for your future endeavours ma’am👍 This one is highly motivating and inspiring.

  14. What an inspiring venture to bring out the true essence of women empowerment. Heartiest congratulations didi.

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