World Diabetes Day 2019: Preventive Tips for Students to Manage Diabetes


Every year 14th November is observed as World Diabetes Day. World Diabetes Day was created in 1991 by IDF and the World Health Organization. The day is celebrated in response to the escalating health problems posed by diabetes. This year, the theme of World Diabetes Day is “Family and Diabetes”. Diabetes is a condition in which the human body is unable to use insulin effectively for bringing glucose to cells. This makes your body rely on alternative energy sources in your tissues, muscles, and organs. There are two types of diabetes: Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes. The most common form of diabetes is Type 2 diabetes. Some common causes of diabetes are genes, stress, and unhealthy lifestyle. Some common symptoms of type 2 diabetes are weight loss, lack of energy, constant hunger, frequent urination, blurry vision, and itchy skin. Diabetes can be prevented at a young age through a healthy lifestyle. Students, you must read the tips below to prevent diabetes.

  • Ditch sugar: Sugar addiction can be a serious problem. Candies, ice-creams, desserts, chocolates or even packaged foods are extremely delicious but have high amounts of sugar. Also, these foods are not healthy at all. Therefore, one should limit the intake of these foods. You can use healthy alternatives to sugar like jaggery, maple syrup, and honey.
  • Regular physical exercise: One should always take out time for physical excise, no matter what. Regular exercise is a solution to half of your health problems. Exercise will help you stay fit and active. Yoga, running, cycling, Zumba, swimming or playing any sport can be included in your daily routine.

Regular exercise is a solution to half of your health problems.
  • Lose weight: It is very important to maintain healthy body weight. A healthy weight can help you prevent diabetes, hypertension and many other diseases. For this, a healthy balanced and wholesome diet is extremely essential. The consumption of junk food should also be avoided at all costs. Apart from diet, physical exercise can also help you lose weight. Your diet should include nourishing foods like fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, pulses, nuts, and dairy products.

It is very important to maintain a healthy body weight.
  • Limit processed food: Processed food or packaged food is not that healthy as you may think. These foods have ingredients that may negatively affect your health. Packaged food has no nutritional value and may lead to weight gain as well.
  • Avoid stress: In such busy lives, it is almost impossible to get away with stress. But one should try to keep stress at bay. Yoga, breathing exercises, meditation, reading a book, dance or even hanging out with your friends and family can help you stay tension-free.

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  1. After a gull bladder removal I became diabetic. I work hard with walking 3x a day. My diet is difficult only because I hardly eat- I buy food many times only to have it go bad. I don’t eat fast food, fried, extra salt or sugar.. My body knows what it can tolerate. Blessings to all! Please monitor and education…

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