Why Intellectual Property Law is likely to become a coveted specialisation

As the world moves towards becoming a knowledge-based economy, it is essential to protect this knowledge from theft and misuse. Which is where Intellectual Property Rights comes to the rescue…

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Design futures: The current status and what lies ahead

Where are designers working today? What kind of designs are they working on? And what can be expected from the industry in the near future? At the centre of a…

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How health science professionals can provide solutions for global wellbeing

In 2017, over 56 million people lost their lives, not because of a pandemic, but due to conditions which could have been prevented through health interventions at the right time….

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Become an all-round business professional with B.Com. LL.B. (Hons.)

A law professional with a strong commerce background will be an attractive candidate for prospective employers. Corporates are increasingly looking for people who can give legal insights to better manage…

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From school to university: Everything you need to know about the transition

While for some students, the shift may come easy, others, unfortunately, face a downward spiral in their academic performance as they move from school to university. Here’s a lowdown on…

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Health Sciences: High-impact jobs that will define the post-pandemic world

After getting hit by a pandemic, the world is adopting new perspectives and setting new priorities. Resultantly, the need for health sciences professionals is being felt more than ever before…

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How to make an informed decision while choosing a university

When it comes to making this crucial decision, it is all about asking the right questions Out of the world’s one billion full-time workers, only 15% of people are content…

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9 tech trends that will define the post-pandemic world

Remember Sophia, the life-like social robot? The exponential pace at which technology is growing indicates that the humanoid may have just been a trailer of how digital technology will change…

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Why corporates are looking for a blend of engineering and business acumen

The workplaces have changed. Companies are aggressively hiring ‘T-shaped’ engineering professionals, who can provide solutions in both technical as well as managerial fields 1.5 million. This is the number of…

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Tech businesses surge ahead despite the pandemic

In every situation, there is an opportunity. The profits made by tech businesses even amidst the crisis show that there is some good news after all 2020 will always be…

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