How UPES’ winning approach prepares students for the corporate world

Alumni from the UPES School of Business discuss what drew them to the university, their journey of transformation, and how they got recruited by the most reputed companies Ridhima Sharma…

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Here’s why journalists matter to the world today more than ever before

With an MA in Journalism and Mass Communication, you can power the field of information without fear or favour to give reliable news to the world Year 1556. The government…

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UPES launches Naman, an initiative to provide succour to martyrs’ families

Naman was born out of an intent to pay homage to the valiant martyrs from Uttarakhand, by supporting their families, both financially and otherwise In the harshest climatic conditions –…

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Route to success: How 4 UPES students are transforming the commuting landscape in Uttarakhand

Venido, a start-up founded by Devankan Pathak, Sachin Kumar, Tanu Priya and Nazish Akhtar, aims to provide 24×7 cabs at affordable rates for outstation and local commuters One of the…

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9 breakthroughs made by UPES in the fight against COVID-19

To commemorate the World Science Day for Peace and Development, we highlight the contributions made by the UPES community in the fight against Coronavirus – from Multi-Patient Ventilator to COVID…

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UPES joins hands with GitHub India to prepare next-gen software developers

As part of this unique academia-industry collaboration, UPES’ students will get free access to GitHub Enterprise Server, GitHub Enterprise Cloud, and 100+ industry-standard tools, which will elevate their experience in…

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UPES, UC Berkeley come together to enhance learning opportunities for students

UPES’ latest academic collaboration with University of California, Berkeley will expand students’ prospects of international exposure and study-abroad programs as well as help them gain a comprehensive understanding of the…

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The rise and rise of the domain of Public Relations

With the growing power of public opinion, rising sophistication of organisations’ management and the constant need for government-business relationship, the disruptive landscape ahead is sure to bring both challenge and…

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UPES leads the discourse on alternative fuels

Panelists at the E-CBM (Coal Bed Methane) Symposium  deliberated on future strategies for enhanced Coal Bed Methane recovery in India, as a better alternative fuel with essential benefits, both to…

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International Trade and Investment Law: A career beyond boundaries

Lawyers with expertise in International Trade and Investment Law continue to boost the global economy by ensuring the free movement of goods and services across as many borders as possible,…

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