UPES student debuts as a lyricist in animation film ‘Dhira’

A budding marketer, Bhanu Siva Krishna has written eight songs in English for Dhira which is now streaming in 12 languages on Amazon Prime It is said that success happens…

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Why educational institutions must realign strategies with economic realities

It is often said that challenges are crucibles in which leadership and character are forged. With the ongoing sluggishness in the economy, this may just be the right time for…

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Digital Darwinism shaping career trends in engineering

With increasing demand for new technology, the future will belong to engineers. Here’s a lowdown on some of the specialisations that will be most in demand in the next decade  …

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Multi-disciplinary learning is vital for a holistic understanding of design: Dean–UPES School of Design

Manisha Mohan, Dean, UPES School of Design, is a seasoned design professional with more than two decades of experience in e-learning, design and animation. An expert in Graphic Design, Animation,…

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Girl Education

How education can dispel gender stereotypes

Parents and educators are key facilitators who can help dispel stereotypes that discourage girls from pursuing higher education. And one of the best ways to do that is to create…

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