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Health sciences is the discipline of applied sciences which deals with the health of humans and animals. Health sciences primarily involves two fields. The first one is the study, research,…

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Technology Students

UPES – Microsoft Collaboration

Recently, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between UPES and Microsoft.  This unique collaboration will provide courses for UPES students. They will also receive a certificate from Microsoft upon…

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Upskilling Matters: Why a Degree is No Longer Enough to Meet Industry Demands?

In a competitive job market, a basic B.Com, MBA, B.Sc, Law or a BA degree is no longer enough to meet the industry demands. With the increase in competition every…

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UPES Alumni

Introducing Exclusive Offerings for The Long-Term Success of UPES Alumni

As graduates of the institution, alumni play an important role and have a special connection with the university. Alumni are the most loyal supporters of any university. An engaged alumni…

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Trends in media industry

The Future of Media: Key Trends in 2020 and Beyond

The last decade witnessed massive changes in the way consumers perceive media, how media houses run their businesses and how marketers advertise. From reading newspapers to scrolling news on apps,…

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Girl child

Promoting Girls’ Education: Ensuring a Healthier and Happier Society

Education is a basic human right, yet there are millions of children who are deprived of this right. Constituting approximately half of the world’s population, women form a significant global…

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Masters in Business Administration is one of the most sought-after courses for students these days. The future belongs to specialisations. Keeping that in mind, UPES Dehradun offers various specialised programs…

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Blockchain Technology

What is Blockchain Technology? Why is it important?

In simple terms, blockchain technology is a fixed set of data that is regulated and controlled by a network of computers. This data and information (i.e. block) is safe and…

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MBA oil and gas

Want to Differentiate Yourself in the Market? Go for MBA Oil And Gas Management

In today’s world, specialisation is the key in order to be successful in the industry. Amidst many cutting-edge specialisations, students might get confused as to which one will help them…

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AI and Machine Learning

The Future of Technology: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Hollywood movies such as Avengers, Terminator, Automata, Chapie, The Matrix, Blade Runner, Uncanny, Wall-E, and I Robot had a common element. The theme of these spectacular movies was artificial intelligence….

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