I got placed with a CTC of 13.43 LPA

I chose UPES because it was offering specialisations in leading-edge areas with the standard Computer Science course. Through on-campus placements, I got selected into ZS Associates with a CTC of 13.43 Lakhs, and I am currently working with this firm as a full-time employee

The year gone by has been an extraordinary time for all of us. For me, it was a time to reflect on the lessons that I have learnt – both at UPES and in life.

I belong to Hindaun city, Rajasthan. I chose to learn from the best, which is why I opted for UPES. It was one of the few institutions offering specialisations in leading-edge areas along with the standard Computer Science course.

My fascination with technology led me to pursue B.Tech. in Computer Science with a specialisation in Business Analytics and Optimisation. I wanted to explore this ever-changing software world, and that is how my journey with UPES began.

The best part about college was the bliss of greenery with the foothills of the majestic Himalayas around. The tranquillity of nature also changed my inner world. During the four years, I had several ups and downs, but my friends, family, and faculty supported me in every way possible. I laughed, ate my heart out, and discovered new facets of the world of technology and personal discipline. Learnings in every semester helped me to prepare for the corporate world.

During the placement drive, the university invited several companies, and I am grateful that I got selected into ZS Associates with a CTC of 13.43 lakhs.

At the onset of the pandemic, where every college student was concerned about his/her final semester examination, UPES reframed a crisis into an opportunity and conducted examination for its students in online mode in May itself, which was the earliest as compared to other colleges. This helped me to start my journey with the firm as a full-time employee. 

I came out of the university with theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and a profound sense of empowerment, knowing that I had a solid support system at UPES. All it takes is the willingness to work hard and make consistent daily efforts to succeed. UPES gave me the confidence and tools to become the best version of myself. The experience at the university added immense value to my professional as well as personal development.

(The writer is an alumnus of UPES School of Engineering, B.Tech. Computer Science)

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