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When students decide to pursue MBA, they are perhaps unaware of how vibrant the course is, especially at UPES. To be pushed out from your comfort zone, and realise that there’s so much you can do, is a feeling worth cherishing.

UPES marked the beginning of a distinctly new chapter in my career i.e. MBA – Logistics & Supply Chain Management. With a work experience of five years, going back to full-time education was nothing less than an adventure. And when I look back at this journey, it’s full of challenges, opportunities and accomplishments – a result of integrated efforts by my faculty and everyone at UPES.

While I was expected to be an ace at academics, UPES also helped me focus on learning beyond the curriculum and being active in clubs, committees and events, and that has made all the difference. I juggled between playing sports, envisioning a business idea and rehearsing dance for MCUBE sessions.

I soon learnt that MBA is not very different from the job that I was previously doing. The faculty were like managers, subjects were my projects and grades were my performance scorecard. The first feather to add in my cap was when I was selected to be a part of the Placement Team as a Student Placement Representative.

In the same year, I was selected as an Intern with EY for organising the Uttarakhand Investors’ Summit. It was the highlight event for Uttarakhand and an opportunity for me to network with industry professionals. Based on my work, I was handpicked by Vipul Dawar, CEO, IndoGerman Brakes, for another internship related to one of their upcoming paint products.

Dr. Neeraj Anand – Head, Department of Transportation, and Dr. Shailendra Kumar Pokhriyal – Head, Department of Energy Management

Working while studying was a task, but my teachers encouraged and praised my hard work. Like a true millennial professional, I found innovative ways like recorded video presentations to compensate for my projects without missing deadlines.

Next in the pipeline was the opportunity to head Department of Transportation’s Bi-Annual fest called Logistikas. With a powerful team effort we achieved the milestone of garnering the highest number of participants in November 2018, only to be surpassed in April 2019. 

Semester 2 started with the most anticipated Industrial Visit to Mumbai which was an exceptional experience. At the end of Semester 2, as a team of two, I arranged for a farewell for our seniors who were always available for our rescue.

Soon time for internships came. Given my passion for automobiles, I joined Maruti and was fortunate enough to witness my recommendations being put to use. My first year thus ended with the exploration of new skills, qualities and wholesome self-development.

A zealous start to the second year meant gearing up for tougher subjects and placement processes, but Semester 3 also brought better opportunities for all. The first ever Students Council for School of Business was made and based on my work as SPR and interview with the faculty panel, I was selected as the Vice President- Placement and Corporate Relationship – SoB.

Soon the placements started, and I knew my calling was to work in a field where analytics and logistics could be combined. The answer came with getting selected with Genpact Analytics. It was Bull’s Eye to be selected by the first company I nominated and aimed for.

Road trip to Tehri Dam (2019)

Additionally, we greeted the new junior batch of LSCM 19-21, and soon became a confidante for them. I guided them and shared my experiences to put their apprehensions to rest.

When I look back on my journey so far, I realise the potential of my cumulative experiences. They have taught me that networking is your net worth and chaos brings creativity. I achieved a combined CGPA of 9.1, stood second in class and was among the top 10 throughout MBA all branches till Semester 3. I also headed various events and committees. Sincerity and hard work paid off.

UPES also gave me my very first experience of living in a college hostel. From birthday celebrations to late night exam preparations, we bonded as a family and stood by each other through thick and thin.

I adopted the mantra of ‘Learn, Unlearn and Relearn’ to ensure continuous growth and development.

The continued motivation and guidance in this journey came from all the faculty who were readily available to provide best practices, tips and tricks on all fronts: academics, placements, projects and personal.

P.S. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So I explored the beauty of Uttarakhand at regular intervals by going on road trips to Mussoorie, George Everest, Dhanaulti, Tehri and many other jaunts with friends.

(The writer is MBA LSCM 18-20, UPES School of Business)

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  1. You have contributed immensely not only to MBA-LSCM but also to the Department of Transportation as well as SoB. I always see you with smiling face and encouraging your batchmates and juniors etc.for Logistikas and placement activities. Wish you all the best for your bright career.

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