UPES student develops Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser for workplace

Third-year B.Tech. Mechatronics student, Abhinav Mudgal, has developed a touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser machine for workplaces, under the guidance of the faculty of Mechanical Department

Maintaining sound hygiene is the most effective way of preventing the spread of infectious diseases. Effective hand washing is widely acknowledged to be the single most important activity for reducing the spread of infections in the environment. One way of achieving this is to have a convenient automatic system, which will encourage people to sanitize their hands quickly with lesser effort. Keeping this in mind, Abhinav Mudgal, under the guidance of Dr. Narayan Khatri and Dr. Shyam Pandey (Mechanical Department), has created a touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser for workplaces.

Talking about the inspiration behind this invention, Abhinav said, “I was interested in Biomedical instruments as I come from a medical background at home. Upon the recommendation of my teachers, I started working on this project to tackle the COVID situation. It took time as raw materials and parts were shipped and delivered late due to the lockdown. But my teachers kept my spirit high by encouraging me to complete it in the interest of the society at large.”

The research team informed that the working model of the hand sanitizer is yet to be patented. The prototype includes an electrical control circuit and viable mechanical design. The ultrasonic sensor, motor, microcontroller and the transistors control the various functions of the device. The mechanical design will allow the sanitizer bottle to dispense the alcohol-based hand rub. The process will be completely touch-free and resource-conscious.

The research team informed that the working model of the hand sanitizer is yet to be patented

The product will be available at less than half the price of similar products in the market. A faculty member said, “Against the price of products ranging between 4000-5000 INR, our product should be available in about 1500 INR, which is a big achievement. The dedication of the research team behind this product was phenomenal. Abhinav’s hard work has paid off. We knew we were doing this for the greater good.”

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A message for UPES by Abhinav Mudgal  

Amidst the lockdown and a shift to online classes, it was difficult to suddenly switch from one mode of learning to another, initially. However, when you come to think of it in the long run, it is nothing different than what we used to do in class.

Motivation and dedication have very little to do with the medium or the channel of instruction. If you are determined to do something, you will do it despite the odds. This was my biggest learning while working on this project.

In online learning, we are way ahead of other institutions, and I can say that with much conviction. The exclusive learning platform provided by UPES is well-equipped, which is why we are at the fore in terms of course completion and evaluation in comparison to other institutions. I am immensely proud to be a part of UPES.”


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