This is How a Degree in Web Development helped me

web development

We all know that the world is dominated by the web. Most business ventures are now operated through the web. The online presence on the web is essential for every organization as it helps in advertising, promoting, selling their products and services and give a personal touch to the users. A few years back it was hard to imagine the scope of web development, but in today’s digital world, this career option has numerous exciting opportunities.

As the name suggests the primary role of a web developer is to create websites and applications. This involves coding and programming of websites, enhancing the website’s speed, smooth functioning of the website, capacity in terms of overall performance, user-friendly, informative and creative.

web development
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  1. Innovative field:
    We all know the importance of the internet in today’s life. It is required in almost all the spheres like education, entertainment, business, government sector, travel and hotel industry. All the gadgets need web development expertise. The mobile sector is developing at a rapid phase and web developers can easily shift to mobile development as well.
  2. Creative field:

Developing a website is an interesting job and requires certain creative skills. With the world evolving at a fast pace, you need to improvise and implement new things on a regular basis.

3.High growth opportunities:
An exciting career opportunity offering great salary packages as well, pursuing web development will be really beneficial. Moreover, there will be no recession in this field as it will be required by every organisation in the near future.

4. Work from where you want:
In web development, there is no restriction of working in the office premises. As the internet is available everywhere, you can use it anywhere you want.  Expert web developers have the freedom to work anywhere and everywhere according to their convenience.

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Some career options after pursuing web development include game developer, multimedia programmer, applications developer, UX designer, UX researcher, app developer, multimedia specialist, web developer, web designer, and web content manager.

Therefore, your chances of getting a job in the field of web development is cent percent.

Apart from choosing this field, it is also important that students choose the right college. When we talk about universities, UPES should also be considered as an option. With cutting-edge specialisations, UPES has recently come up with the Global Immersion Program as well.

UPES has partnerships with academic institutions in over 6 countries to provide students global expertise and an edge over others. UPES graduate students will get 50% waiver on PG programs tuition fees in over 22 UPES partner institutions in London, Berlin, Canada, (Vancouver or Toronto) Singapore and Dublin.

Another exciting added advantage is that all UPES students enrolling in the year 2019 can study overseas for 4 weeks in our partner institutions, without any additional tuition fee.

To help enhance our students’ skillset & employability we provide courses and certifications from leading companies like AWS, Tableau, IBM and Alibaba.

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