Upskilling Matters: Why a Degree is No Longer Enough to Meet Industry Demands


In a competitive job market, a basic B.Com, MBA, B.Sc, Law or a BA degree is no longer enough to meet the industry demands. With the increase in competition every year, the demand for professional courses such as graphic design, social media marketing, foreign language courses, business analytics, IT, and AI has also increased. Pursuing these add-on courses, along with a professional degree, enhances the skills of the students. Keeping this in mind, UPES gives its students an opportunity to upgrade their skills with Coursera. Coursera is the world’s leading learning platform, that helps transform workforce with cutting-edge skills with the most in-demand technologies and disciplines. UPES students will get free access to over 3600 global courses. Exploring the top benefits of the courses that teach job-relevant skills:

  • Business acumen: Online learning is simply a way to upskill, Online courses help us build our skillsets. For instance, medical, law and engineering students can upgrade their knowledge in areas of finance, accounting, marketing, analytical, digital marketing and other essential disciplines, simply by signing up for an online course.
  • Cutting-edge tech skills: These online courses provide students an access to cutting-edge technology from industry leaders. Even the most basic online course requires the application of computer skills, as students are required to learn to navigate different learning management systems (LMS) and programs. The students will also learn to create and share documents, incorporate audio and video materials into assignments, and complete online training sessions.

An online certification helps enhance students’ resume.
  • Career skills: An online certification helps enhance students’ resume. It shows that they are eager to learn and obtain more knowledge. It also increases their chances to become a better candidate for a job makes their resume weighty when they apply for new positions.
  • Learning without limits: These courses allow students to evolve and achieve greater levels of knowledge. For instance, a mass media student can pursue an add-on certificate in VFX, animation or advertisements, a marketing student can opt for social media marketing or search engine optimisation. This helps students develop a deeper understanding of their course.
  • Soft skills: Apart from the bookish and practical knowledge, students should also possess certain soft skills which will help them excel in their career. These skills include design thinking, data-driven decision-making, managing virtual teams and communication in the global world.

Coursera provides a transformative learning experience to students that drives a positive change in their career development. Short lessons and lectures to make meaningful daily progress, fully mobile-optimized app to learn anytime, anywhere, and access to lecture transcripts and interactive notetaking makes learning interesting and engaging for students. UPES students have been given free access to 3800+ global courses from top-notch international universities through collaboration with Coursera. UPES is one of the very few colleges in India with this kind of a tie-up with the world’s leading online learning platform.

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