Why is volunteering important for students?

The purpose of quality education is to nurture the right values in students, making them active participants in the affairs of the community and the nation

Business education should focus on the application of business concepts to make our lives better. The knowledge acquired should be able to serve society for the larger good. We, at the UPES School of Business, try to nurture values like compassion, care and a sense of giving back to the world through our various CSR initiatives. These activities play a big role in inculcating leadership skills, problem solving ability and empathy in future managers.

I remember the community service activities carried out by our students in 2014. The students visited a school for special kids in Dehradun and engaged them by storytelling, musical chairs, colouring etc under the guidance of their teachers. In the quest of bringing them happiness, we too got a great sense of satisfaction and joy.

Students carried out a donation drive in Kandoli campus for the labourers constructing the buildings

As part of the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan’ in April 2016, our students undertook a cleanliness drive near Premnagar, Dehradun. A total of 320 students of BBA batch: 2015-18 and 12 faculty members participated in the event. The cleanliness drive was carried out in association with Waste Warriors, a local NGO and Eco Task Force of the Indian Army. During the drive, the students also raised awareness amongst the residents of the area about keeping the surroundings clean. This provided them with an opportunity to apply the skills of planning, organizing and implementing, which they had read in their basic management course. At the same time, they were rendering a great service to the resident community of Premnagar by cleaning their area and contributing to the national mission of a ‘Swachh Bharat’.

As part of the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan’ in April 2016, our students undertook a cleanliness drive near Premnagar, Dehradun

The students of our BBA and BA Public Policy and Administration programs formed a club ‘Be the Change’ to carry out community services. Their sensitivity towards the labourers constructing UPES buildings at our Kandoli campus drove them to carry out a donation drive. Under this initiative held during August and September 2016, students received donations of rice, sugar, tea, clothing and stationery from the faculty and the students of UPES, which were subsequently handed over to the labourers. Through this act, our students worked towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal-10, which calls for “reducing inequalities in income as well as those based on age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion or economic or other status within a country”. They worked towards improving the living conditions of the weaker sections of our society.

Most recently, during the lockdown on account of COVID-19, Mehul Dhingra, BBA (Digital Marketing), Mohit Mannan, BBA (Logistics Management) and Rajan Kapoor, BA LLB, all first-year students, along with their local friends at Karnal, Haryana, collected donations for the people who were severely affected by the pandemic. These students set up an official page on Instagram by the name @_savingsmiles. The response for donations was overwhelming. Donations poured in from other cities and countries as well. With the funds they received, the students made a large number of packets which contained wheat, pulses, sugar, spices, rice etc. and donated them to the needy.

‘Saving Smiles’ donated to more than 400 families and helped them survive in this unprecedented situation that the world is facing. In the words of Mehul, “No one should go hungry or die of hunger.” This is the reason his team worked with an unwavering focus for those hit by the current crisis. This heroic voluntary act of Mehul and his friends mitigated the pain, helplessness and suffering of many migrant workers hit hard by the turbulent times. I feel extremely proud that our students significantly contributed to resolving a problem faced by our nation.

These values when imbibed at a young age can set the stage for a life-long association of selfless work for others.

(The writer is Professor at UPES School of Business.)


  1. Initiative the “Saving Smiles” by Mehul and his friends in young age is really great humanity work.
    Hat’s off the guys and their mentor.
    Nice blog Sir

  2. I feel experiential learning is the best form of learning, All the more important for this generation. Must admit thought provoking blog sir….

  3. Thats truly amazing to hear. Such a great initiative. this shows every bit of efforts towards good work will leave a great impact.

  4. Great work done by students of UPES business school students under the guidance of Dr. Atul Razdan. Keep it up!

  5. Since Childhood our parents taught us sharing is caring and always help people and that’s the perfect example for this. Great work and apt content.

  6. Thankyou so much sir for this kind appreciation. Our main motive was just to make everyone aware to help the needies whenever they require any kind of help because its the duty of everyone to serve and protect our country from this kind of epidemic.

    1. You deserve all the appreciation. I am sure many people will get motivated after knowing about your valuable and noble efforts.

  7. One of The best teaching methodology is learning by doing, students by taking part into CSR are not only bringing their theoretical knowledge to practical realms but also contributing their bit to the societal good. Teachers and curriculum should not only be confined to classroom teaching but encourage students to think out of the box for their holistic growth and development. Kudos to the professor and institution.

  8. It aptly summarises the University Logo of “University with a Purpose”. It’s the endeavour of every stakeholder at UPES to uphold the values, vision and mission University live by. The values of compassion, care and social responsibility is instilled in the students from the very beginning and which lays the strong foundation for them to emerge as Business Leaders in their respective fields. My compliments and best wishes to every member of UPES to keep doing the great work and keep setting examples for other to follow…

  9. What a great consistent effort to give back. Cultivation of compassion is so good in these times – it not only nourishes the receiver, it nourishes us too. Wonderful effort Atul!

  10. I was greatly impressed by the hunger initiative taken up by the students, using their skills and tireless efforts. This is the outcome of earlier social welfare initiatives taken up by them , as encouraged by the institute, which gets imbibed in their system to become the responsible young citizens of the country. Well done!! Keep it up!!

  11. Good initiatives towards Learning and Adaptability to new different situations. 👍👍
    Moreover service to mankind is sevice to God.
    Appreciable jobs undertaken👏👏👏

  12. Excellent blog Sir
    Community services or volunteerism is a good initiative, when we r doing good for others and the community, it’s really provide us a natural sense of accomplishment.

  13. Dear Atul,
    Volunteering is the essence of being and fulfills for everyone a chance to be ! Good to see the propagation of ‘spirit of volunteering” which should be cultivated and consolidated for life at the higher education level. Keep it up !

  14. The purpose of education is not only to create well skilled economic rationale professionals but prepare our future generations for their upcoming human family, societal and environmental challenges and play their roles perfectly to become an ideal global citizen. Sir such efforts and programs surely contribute for achieving this goal. Great going Sir, involve as many people as you can because there is no age limit for learning real good things.

  15. Great initiative! There can be no better service than serving the community.
    I highly appreciate the efforts.

  16. Dr. Atul Razdan sir has always been a step ahead. Being a pass out from the University, I’ve known the faculties well and the vision of UPES was always to serve the community in any manner possible. It truly is an University with a purpose- to educate as well as produce skilled human beings who not only are flourishing in their chosen fields but are also fulfilling their social responsibilities and helping create a better tomorrow. Razdan sir has always encouraged us to participate and volunteer in every activity. He has always been a guide, a mentor and a friend! I hope this initiative connects many more people.

    1. Sheetal, so happy to see you connected with UPES even after completion of your studies. Your views matter a lot for us.

  17. Great initiatives! Every school should have more of these activities . If we could inculcate kindness and compassion in our future leaders, that would make this world a better place to live.

      1. Great initiative sir. You have so much to spread not only in academics but also in other fields too. It’s always good and productive around you.
        Thank you sir😇

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