After Google, Apple recognizes UPES lad for bug hunting

Varun Gupta has been featured in the Apple Hall of Fame for his efforts to mitigate cyber security risks

Varun Gupta, as student of B. Tech Computer Science, with specialization in Cybersecurity and Forensics, has been recognized in the Apple Hall of Fame. Earlier this year, he was felicitated by Google, as a token of appreciation for bug hunting.

Informs a delighted Varun, “I plan to continue expanding my horizons as, with the pace of technology of innovation, new cyber threats are continually arising and need to be tackled in order to keep our data safe.”

He adds that he was inspired by the student chapter events in the university. “During my junior year at college,” informs he, “I merely had a basic idea regarding cyber security. But the educational structure for my specialization, coupled with participation in various events and contests related to cyber security held by the college and student chapters, made me determined to study further in this field.”

After practicing his pen-testing skills using various resources, he attempted to find bugs in a few websites. However, the vast majority of these bugs were either duplicate or not impactful enough to warrant a significant reward. But this is quite normal for bug hunters who are just starting out, explains Varun. “As I got more experienced,” he adds, “I discovered more impressive bugs for which I was featured in appreciation and hall of fame from many organisations, which spurred me to continue improving. From that point onward- I kept on expanding my insights and exploring – different facets of cyber security like Android bug hunting and network pen-testing. This experience culminated in a newfound interest and motivation which led me to go on bug hunting. As a reward, I was recognized in the Apple Inc. Hall of Fame.”

Earlier this year, Varun successfully submitted a valid bug to Google as well, which earned him a position in the list of Google’s Hall of Fame. Explains he, “Ethical hackers try to discover vulnerabilities on Google’s various websites and applications. If an ethical hacker discovers any vulnerability, he reports it back to Google. If the report is valid, Google provides the hacker cash reward and a place in its Hall of Fame as a token of appreciation.”

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