A Beginner’s Guide to BBA Events, PR and Corporate Communication

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With a plethora of career opportunities these days, choosing the perfect one might be a tedious task. Folks you should not worry at all. If you like socializing, public speaking, have a creative bent of mind, possess good communication skills, open to new ideas, curious to learn new things, then a career in advertising, public relations (PR) or corporate communications will be a good option. The three domains are extremely exciting and flourishing in India. No doubt, options for degree holders in this field are vast. Below is a glimpse of these creative fields are and their scope.

A Career in Public Relations:

Public Relations is a unique field and allows organizations to promote themselves through credible sources. Public Relations is a career choice for those who have excellent communication skills and the ability to convince the general public.  Students who wish to pursue a career in public relations will get an opportunity to interact with a lot of people including eminent personalities, celebrities and much more. This is a profession where you need to understand the listener’s psyche and mould it in your favour. Apart from good communication skills, public relations also involves managing people, and portraying the image of an individual or organization among the citizens with the use of different media.

Job prospects in India are bright after you have a degree in public relations. Advertising agencies and marketing companies constantly look for PR professionals.  Spokesperson, the social media community, financial communication, media relations, financial communications, and content creation are some of the career options after public relations.

Job prospects in India are bright after you have a degree in public relations.

A Career in Events:

Time and again events have been an integral part of human life. Whether it is a launch of a new product, promotion of an existing product, brand development activities, exhibitions, activities to drive sales or marketing campaigns, events are extremely important in our life. We all have been a part of these events but what is important is who organizes these events. Well! The answer is simple and that is event managers. Managing events is a multifarious activity. It involves managing and organizing an event right from scratch. Event managers should first and foremost have managerial skills. They should be meticulous in planning, have a strong network, communication skills, marketing skills, and organizational skills.

Students after pursuing event management work in fashion houses, advertising agencies, media houses, radio stations, PR agencies, lifestyle brands, and educational institutions.

A Career in Corporate Communications: 

Corporate communications managers as the name suggests are the primary sources of communication at a corporate house. These individuals are responsible for internal and external communication, creating press releases, engage in media outreach, and are involved in several promotion activities. These professionals also create a unifying voice for the company.

Corporate communications manager, digital marketing specialist, broadcast producer, outreach coordinator and human resource manager are some of the career options in this sector.

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